Now that Summer is over, the days gets shorter and your lawns let out a sigh of relief, During Autumn your lawn begins to store energy for the upcoming Winter season and lawn growth slows down, this article is to provide some tips for your lawn mower through the Autumn period.

With the reduced day light hours and with the tree dropping leaves everywhere, your grass strives to store energy for the approaching Winter season, The use of a blower/vac to eliminate the amount of leaves that are blocking the sun from reaching your grass will greatly benefit your grass, Alternately the use of your mower set to a cut height that is higher then your grass with the catcher on can act as a vacuum by collecting all the leaves in the catcher.

Not having to cut the grass as often leads to extended times of storing your mower, this means that your outdoor machines will be sitting around with old fuel in the fuel tanks/lines & carburettors, I recommend the use of a fuel stabilizer, this is a product that extends the life of the fuel in your machines and is available for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.

Autumn is also a good time to carry out the general maintenance on your mower, changing the blades can often enhance the catching ability of your lawn mower, fitting four high flute blades where possibly will greatly increase the amount of vacuum generated by your lawn mower, which makes it exceptionally good at picking up all the fallen leaves over the Autumn period, changing the engine oil during the Autumn period is also beneficial as most of the engine oil additives/detergents used in engine oil have a limited life and your lawn mowers will store better with fresh oil and start easier when Spring arrives.

Sick of struggling trying to change the blades on your mower? the easiest way to replace the blades on most push mowers is to tilt it back on its handle bars and remove the blade disc off the mower by removing the centre bolt, the disc should slide off the crankshaft, by doing this you can now easily replace the blades having full access to the nuts and bolts, replace the blades on the disc and then simply slide the blade boss back onto the crankshaft and secure the main bolt.