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With a maximum load bearing capacity of 1200 tonnes per m² when filled with soil (or equivalent), the GEOHEX Erosion Control System can be used for ground stabilisation of roads on mining sites as well as drainage stabilisation in hardstands, haul roads and equipment yards. GEOHEX Erosion Control System can also be used in the stabilisation of mine site embankments, drains, driveways and airstrips.


Its rigid structure and strong polymer construction enables GEOHEX Erosion Control System to be used as a walking grid to provide a cost-effective solution to prevent soft ground build-up and mud control in heavy traffic livestock areas and shed flooring. By combining to make a walking grid, the GEOHEX Erosion Control System plastic panels promote livestock flow and help reduce the incidence of lameness around trough and standoff areas, approaches and exits to yards and many other high traffic and frequently-used livestock areas.



With its unique patented open cell structure, GEOHEX Erosion Control System is designed to provide strong ground reinforcement and sediment control in all conditions. In construction applications, GEOHEX Erosion Control System can be combined with grass, gravel or a sand/soil mixture providing a complement to surrounding materials and other architecture such as the installation of plastic driveway grids


Thanks to its light, modular plastic paver design, GEOHEX Erosion Control System is ideal for use in water management and surface stabilisation of public areas and facilities.  It can be used for as erosion matting for pavement and turf stabilisation, storm water management, drainage, landscape projects, cycle ways, beach access areas as well as in public housing estates where retention of storm water, sediment control or surface stabilisation of turf or soil areas is required.



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