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Swardman 55 Accessories

Regeneration Cartridges

Whether after verticutting or not, this cartridge is the ideal tool for cleaning a lawn from all excess material such as leaves, needles, withered plants, bark, small stones, etc.

This cartridge for the Swardman reel mower is a more effective replacement for manual work with a rake.

The scarifier can remove grass after verticutting, needles, stones, bark, etc. At the same time, it can brush the grass, which is suitable when you want to significantly cut the lawn.

This is one of the key accessories.

A removable Swardman cartridge for models with a 45cm or 55cm range.

Reel/Cylinder Blades

5, 6 and 10-blade reels 

Grass Boxes

This grass box is suitable for flat and large lawns covering more than 600 m2. The net capacity of the box is 25% higher than the standard one.

The box is roughly 10cm taller and longer than the standard one. Due to this increased size, the mowing time before it is necessary to empty the box is also increased.

Rollers & Wipers

The wiper wipes dirt that adheres to the rear roller. This helps maintaining a constant cut height even under adverse conditions.

The grooved, indented roller puts more pressure on the straws, which lifts those straws that would otherwise go undisturbed by the flat reel.

The indentation on the roller also helps you to maintain the direction when mowing. This is very useful if you want to achieve perfectly straight stripes. 

Because of the indentation on the roller, it is necessary to be more careful when turning the mower. An insufficient lift of the front roller can cause the mower to get stuck.

A grooved roller for model 45 or 55 improves the mowing of very low and dense lawns. Speeds up greens.

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