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Swardman Universal Accessories

Swardman Wheels for Tall Grass

Wheels for taller grass are an emergency solution for mowing taller grass. They are most often used after the holiday when the lawn is not mowed.

The wheels are installed in place of the front roller. Thanks to the wheels, the mower gains characteristics that partially eliminate the breaking of long straws, thus making their cutting easier. Even so, it is necessary to keep in mind that an overgrown lawn needs to be mown several times in order to mow straws that were not cut the first time. 

With the wheels installed, the mower has a lower rigidity and does not follow the terrain as well. Therefore, the wheels are recommended for mowing grass taller than 30mm. We recommend using the front roller as much as possible because it provides the machine with exceptional properties in terrain-following and blade protection.

Helps to cut taller grass. Suitable for both the 45 and 55 models.

Swardman Handlebar Mobile Phone Mount

The mobile phone holder attached on the mower handlebars allows you to be up-to-date and accessible when needed.

The mobile phone holder on the mower handlebars allows you to be always online and accessible when you need it. Download a mobile app that can measure the number of walked distance or shoot videos of your mowing session. A necessary accessory that allows you to be online while mowing.

Swardman Grass Box Safety Lock

The grass box safety lock prevents the grass box from falling off the mower when accidentally hitting some obstacles such as trees, walls, bumps. The lock is delivered in pair. Only for Swardman Edwin 2.0.

Swardman Right Side Protection Cover

Transparent plastic protective cover for Swardman Electra

The cover is installed on the right side of the Swardman mower. It is designed for both 45 and 55 cm (18 and 22 inch) width. The cover prevents the mower from scratches while mowing around the walls, bushes and trees. It allows you to drive without any worries while still cutting the edges of the lawn.

Swardman Digital Penetration Thermometer

A universal thermometer for measuring the temperature of liquids, food, freezers, etc. However, we use it to measure the temperature of the soil. Only the temperature of the soil tells us when it is the right time to start taking care of the lawn in the spring.

Especially in summer during hot days, you can measure whether the lawn is overheated.

A thermometer for measuring the temperature of the soil and lawns.

Swardman Protection Cover Tarp

With the covering tarp, your Swardman Edwin can also be parked outside. Not only does the tarp protect the mower against unwanted attention, but it also protects it against dust, water and UV radiation, which keeps the mower like new.

The tarp is tailored by hand to match the size of the mower with the grass catcher.

A tarp cover for the 45cm range Swardman mower for protection against dirt when parking.

Swardman LED Lighting Kit

Sometimes it happens that you mow your lawn in low light conditions, or even in the dark. Your Edwin can be prepared even for these extreme situations.

The special LED rack ensures that the lights are positioned as low as possible in order for them to illuminate the area in front of the mower. The set contains two  LED lights that make the lawn bright and illuminated, while providing for a safer and more precise mowing.

A set of LEDs with a rack for exceptional situations.

Swardman Grass Big Bag

The grass bag is designed for easy emptying of the mower’s grass catcher.
Size: 90x90x50 cm

The bag is the perfect solution for not running with each grass catcher individually. You can easily drag the bag into spots where you are currently mowing. It is then easier to empty the grass catcher and continue mowing. The bag can be easily put into a wheelbarrow or put around your shoulder and carried away 

The empty bag can be conveniently stored in an empty grass catcher.

This bag increases the efficiency of lawn mowing by up to 50%!

Swardman Cup, Can, Bottle Holder

It’s not like you couldn’t stand a few minutes without water. But it is nice to drink some water and refresh yourself. When  taking care of your lawn is your hobby, it’s good to be fresh.

The cup holder is designed so that the can or bottle does not shake during mowing, but can still easily by picked up.

A handy cup holder for cans and 0.5 l bottles.

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